1. You find me a client (this could be a friend, relative, somebody you know starting a business, somebody you know who is wanting to set up a website etc). Make sure they have your email address.

2. The client advises me that you referred them and I make a note of your name and contact email address, the package they select and they will also get a 10% discount

3. Once the client has made a 50% deposit (this may be the initial deposit, or second stage deposit if larger job) I will reach out to you with your product options

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*Inevitable terms

1.This offer becomes valid after the non-refundable deposit has been paid by the referred client. 2. Want a bunch of stuff? That’s fine. This is not a ‘one per customer’ kind of deal. You refer 5 successful clients, you can pick 5 things. 3. Each tier of prize banks on the website service the client picks. 4. All this purchases are made exclusively from IT Oz to third party websites. Receipt details will be sent to you, the receiver. All warranty, tracking and product inquiries to be between the recipient and the store. 5. Products are subject to availability from their respective stores. 6. Products aren’t necessarily exclusively what is listed – feel free to inquire with IT Oz if there is something else you had in mind